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Team Plantone - Vegas Investment Properties

Turn Key Investments

We purchase distressed properties below market value, rehab them to move-in ready condition, find the best tenant possible and package the property for buy and hold investors looking for a turnkey, hands off investment property with a great rate of return.

We are currently achieving 10-14% CAP rates for our cash buyers and 14-30% returns for our financed investors. This small niche provides clients with a very low risk investment that can be purchased without going through the hassles of multiple offers. We completed 25 rehab-to-rent properties in 2010 and over 60 in 2011. We are also always looking for financing partners...call us if you are interested.

As the Las Vegas real estate market continues to change, we continue to evolve in order to offer both our investor clients and our financing partners the best possible return on their capital. Our ability to adjust quickly to changing market conditions, and to completely reinvent ourselves and our acquisition strategy has helped us to survive during these turbulent economic times. We bring our experience to bear on every deal we investigate and you can be confident that our excellent track record and satisfied customers are a result of this hard work and determination to succeed.

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New Construction

Change is coming FAST in the Las Vegas real estate market! Over the last six months, the available inventory of REOs and foreclosures on the Las Vegas MLS has PLUMMETED! Team Plantone has been scouring the valley to find great deals that will offer solid positive cash flow for our investors. And, for the first time in 5 years, the best deal for investors has come from a surprising source...new construction. With the credit crunch continuing to grind on, many people find themselves unable to qualify for home loans. These potential home buyers have all turned into renters. As a result, as affordable inventory in Las Vegas declines, rents continue to rise. This has created a unique opportunity for savvy investors. New construction presents an attractive alternative to purchasing distressed properties because investors are often able to leverage their funds by financing their purchase rather than being forced by competition into an all cash offer. Our investors are currently snapping up 14% ROIs on a particular new home development that we've scouted in the Northwest.

Not all new home developments are suitable for investors though. In fact, most are overpriced when compared to potential rents. If you would like more information on which developments are ripe for investors today, contact Glenn at (702) 656-3264 xt: 203

If you'd like to read more about the changes in the Las Vegas real estate market and why new construction is quickly becoming the new REO, then CLICK the MORE INFO button to read Glenn's article on the subject. More Info

MGM Signature

We continue to recommend the MGM Signature Hotel Condos to any of our clients looking for a second home on the Strip in Las Vegas. The MGM offers, by far, the best value for money on the Strip. The units are luxuriously appointed, well maintained, and easy to rent when not being used by the owner. All MGM Signature owners have the use not only of the MGM Signature pools, gym, deli, concierge, valet and other amenities, but also have full access to any of the MGM Grand pools, super pools and other amenities as well.

We are also currently the only brokerage authorized to sell fractional shares of ownership in the MGM Signature Hotel Condo Towers. We have been one of the top sellers of MGM Signature units for the last several years and many of our clients over that time have expressed interest in purchasing a fractional share of a unit at the MGM rather than a full ownership unit. As a response to this need, we have organized an LLC and gone through the permit process to be able to legally and securely sell fractional ownership shares at the MGM Signature.

The MGM Signature is a gorgeous complex on the Las Vegas Strip with several pools, gyms, concierge service, valet, housekeeping, meeting space and more.

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